Thank you so much for your help. I have been dealing with Russian/English interpreters regularly since 2003 and you were the best that I have dealt with.

John Schreiner
Vice President
IMAX Corporation, Russia, CIS, Middle East, and India

I have great pleasure in recommending Arina Evtikhova for her impressive translation services. It was with speed, efficiency and accuracy that she undertook an urgent translation assignment at very short notice for Edmiston & Company. The long and technically detailed document was independently verified as being translated perfectly, and delivered within the given deadline.

Robin Wake
Yacht Broker
Edmiston & Company, Monaco

Dear Arina
Thank you again for the fantastic job. You were not only a superb translator, but a wonderful asset to the total inter-personal proceedings. I too look forward to the next opportunity to work together.
Until then (which I hope is soon), I wish you success in all your endeavors. You will undoubtedly be a great asset to any team!

Richard Liebowitz
Liebowitz & Pritchard
Architecture + Yacht Design Ltd

I just wanted to let you know that AJAX received the manual and they are absolutely thrilled with the quality of the translation. Their Russian customer was astounded that they had such a high quality manual in his native language. They sent me a nice letter of thanks, and I just wanted to thank you for being an invaluable member of our translation team. We really had some sticky situations during the project and your ability to be flexible was a lifesaver. I'm also grateful that you got along so well with the other team members. I wish that all of the translators that I do business with were as professional, reliable, and flexible as you are. You can be sure that HTS will be calling you if we need translation in any of your language pairs!
P.S. I will recommend you to everyone that I know.

DJ Hovermale
President and Owner, HTS
Columbus OH

I have known Arina Evtikhova for 4 years. She has worked as my primary interpreter during my 7 visits to Russia which have averaged 2 months each. During this time, I have worked with myriad others, and Arina is clearly the best. What distinguishes Arina is her strong command of the English language and her solid grammatical skill. Most importantly, she is a hard worker, is very ethical and honest, and is a very loyal and caring colleague.

Jon M Shapiro
Associate Professor of Marketing
Northeastern State University
Tulsa, OK

During one of my recent trips to Russia I had the good fortune and the pleasure of having Arina as one of my interpreters. She performed as a professional and in an excellent manner. Arina was always prompt, well prepared, courteous, well mannered, thorough and flexible. She did an excellent job and always acted in my best interest. Arina has an excellent knowledge of the English and the Russian language and she grasps things quickly and is able to effectively communicate both the words and thoughts as well as the meanings for the involved parties. She has excellent integrity and her honesty is without question.
Arina was key to my success and was always willing to extend herself voluntarily. She is well balanced, has an excellent personality and always provided a valuable service. I highly value Arina's skills and her service and her friendship.

Donald L Reinhardt
American Business Owner/Operator
Commercial Real Estate and Investment

I first met Arina a year ago during a U.S.-sponsored language immersion in Tver, Russia where Arina served as our interpreter and guide. I can speak for our entire group when I say we were impressed! Not only did Arina display interpreting and translating skills at the highest professional level, but she always conducted herself in an exceedingly pleasant and charming manner. Most of the language-immersion students in the program had taken professional-level language training in the United States and elsewhere, but we were all overwhelmed with Arinas ability to speak English. Her pronunciation and ability to articulate in English were better than 99% of the professional language instructors I have worked with for the past two years. If my instructors in the U.S. had exhibited the abilities and character of Arina, I would never have needed to go to Tver in the first place!

Thomas W. Ohlson
Consular Officer
United States Embassy

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